Buddleia Butterfly Candy Lil Lavender

Li'l Lavender™ Butterfly Bush

Buddleia davidii 'BotEx 004' PP34378

Invite the butterflies to your garden with this super compact, heat-loving butterfly bush. Butterfly Candy Li’l Lavender™ will bring a splash of fragrant lavender-colored blooms to your garden this spring to fall. Plant these easy-care shrubs for all of your favorite pollinators, and they will not be disappointed! 

Butterfly Buddleia Uses

Butterfly Candy® Buddleia

Butterfly Bush Care Tips

Root hardy to USDA zones 5 - 10

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Mature Size 2-3’ Tall and Wide

Low water needs once established, Water-wise

Late Spring to Fall

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Apply a balanced slow-release each spring

Shape in early spring before first flush

Buddleia Butterfly Candy Lil Lavender

Planting & Care