Planting a Sweet Treat for Your Garden

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Are you ready to add a burst of color and charm to your garden? Look no further than Butterfly Candy Buddleia! These delightful butterfly bushes not only bring beauty to your outdoor space but also serve as a sweet treat for pollinators 🍭 With five unique varieties to choose from – Li’l Raspberry, Li’l Taffy, Li’l Grape, Li’l Lavender, and Li’l Coconut – there’s something for every garden palette. With a compact size of 2-3′ tall and wide, these are a perfect pick for USDA zones 5-10! 🎨 Let’s dive into why each variety is a must-have for your garden:

close up of Buddleia with raspberry-colored blooms

Li’l Raspberry:

This variety boasts stunning raspberry-colored blooms that add a vibrant pop of color to any landscape. Loved by butterflies and garden enthusiasts alike, Li’l Raspberry is sure to become a focal point in your garden.

close up of Buddleia with pastel pink colored blooms

Li’l Taffy:

With its soft, pastel-hued blooms reminiscent of taffy candy, this variety adds a touch of whimsy and charm to your garden. Perfect for creating a dreamy, romantic atmosphere, Li’l Taffy is a favorite among butterfly lovers.

close up of Buddleia with purple colored blooms

Li’l Grape:

Embrace the rich hues of purple with Li’l Grape Buddleia. Its large, grape-colored blooms sway gracefully in the breeze, creating a mesmerizing sight in any garden. Plus, its sweet fragrance is irresistible to butterflies and other pollinators.

close up of Buddleia with lavender colored blooms

Li’l Lavender:

Bring a sense of tranquility and elegance to your garden with Li’l Lavender. This variety features delicate lavender blooms that exude a calming fragrance, making it the perfect addition to meditation gardens or relaxation spots.

close up of Buddleia with white blooms

Li’l Coconut:

If you’re looking for a compact, heat-loving butterfly bush with fragrant white blooms, look no further than Li’l Coconut. This variety is ideal for smaller gardens or container plantings, adding a touch of freshness and purity to your outdoor space.

No matter which variety you choose, planting Butterfly Candy Buddleia in your garden is sure to attract butterflies and pollinators while adding beauty and charm to your outdoor spaces. These easy-care plants are perfect for gardeners of all levels and will reward you with colorful blooms from spring to fall! Ready to transform your garden into a butterfly paradise? Plant a sweet treat with Butterfly Candy Buddleia and watch as your garden comes to life with fluttering wings and vibrant colors!

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